Course & Directions

This certified course (USATF Certificate IL18026NM) will start and finish in the parking lot at Midtown Athletic Club at 1760 N Hicks Road in Palatine. Running from the club towards Hicks, runners will turn right, pass the tennis courts on the sidewalk, then enter Deer Grove East with a right turn and another quick right onto the loop, follow the red loop for about 2.8 miles and return to the sidewalk in front of the tennis courts before turning right again into the parking lot at Midtown. Click here for a printable version of the course map.


The 1 mile course will start at Midtown Athletic Club and turn to the right on the path, just like the 5K. There will be a turnaround cone at about a half mile. Runners and walkers in the 1 mile will circle the cone and return to Midtown.