November 3, 2018 Post-event
Thank you all so much for participating, volunteering, and sponsoring the 2nd year and 1st annual Pairing up to Beat Lung Cancer 5K!!!
I would like to specifically thank the Rhyan family and all of their friends who did so much to make this event a success with a doubling of participants since the 2017 inaugural event!
So many of you have done so much to support this effort in many different ways. The families who benefit from the Lung Caner Fund appreciate it!
It was a beautiful day for a run or walk and things went pretty well! However, there were some issues, so please let me know directly by phone or email if there are any unresolved issues. One example is running out of shirt sizes for those registered before 10/31/18. We want you to be happy! We will work to resolve any issues.
A shout out to Bill and Michele Thom of RunRace! Bill knows how to smooth out any kinks and make it happen! Everyone appreciates that so much! Thank you, Bill! Thank you to Tap House Grill in Palatine for a great venue for the post-race get together and raffle!
I hope everyone has a great rest of their day! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Photos from this year’s event won’t be posted for at least a week. I plan to add a page  to this site for “Event Photos” and include the photo link from last  year and this year.
Next year, we will go 3 deep on the age groups for awards now that the race is growing. If you have others, we would love to hear them so we can incorporate changes that would make this an even better event!
Thank you to all those who have written to us with encouraging comments and feedback as well as suggestions on how we can improve the event next year!
Juli & Val Aistars

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